NOPD makes an arrest in connection with carjacking near Holy Cross School

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police arrested five juveniles Thursday in connection with a string of a carjackings in New Orleans.

While all five have been booked in connection with at least one incident in New Orleans East, investigators say one of the juveniles was also involved in the carjacking of a 19-year-old woman who was picking up her brother near Holy Cross School Wednesday afternoon.

The victim tells us the suspects in that carjacking ordered her out of her car at gunpoint then hit her before they took off.

It happened right across the street from Holy Cross at Paris Avenue and Crescent Street in Gentilly.

Madison Schumacher was picking up her younger brother from school when she noticed two young boys who she says didn't look old enough to drive.

She says one of them pointed a gun at her head and demanded she get out of the car. The other jumped in the passenger seat.

She tried to keep them from driving off by getting in front of the car, but she says the driver accelerated and hit her. She jumped on the hood to keep from going under the car, and says she was holding on as the driver was swerving to try to throw her off.

As soon as the suspect slowed down, Schumacher tells us she rolled off the car. And, he sped off. She's physically okay, but as you might imagine she is still shaken up by what happened. Her car was later recovered.

"My initial reaction was why were these boys out of school, why were they carrying around a gun, why were they exposed to something like this, and why do they think that this is okay and who are their parents," said Schumacher. "I think just putting it out there and letting people know that this is real and this is happening and it's not something that we can just brush off and say oh well this is New Orleans it happens, it's not something that we should be okay with."

Holy Cross School issued a statement about the carjacking saying:

"An unfortunate incident occurred near the Holy Cross School main campus today. A carjacking took place a few blocks away from campus, approximately 15-30 minutes before dismissal. The incident involved the family member of a Holy Cross student, but no students were involved or harmed, and the family member is safe.
We want to give our deepest gratitude to the NOPD for their swift action in responding to the situation. The car has been located and NOPD is continuing their investigation.
As always, the safety and security of our Holy Cross students and families is our greatest concern, and we want to assure our families that we are doing everything we can to keep our campus safe. We will continue working with local law enforcement agencies to monitor our campus and neighborhood, and we want to again commend our law enforcement partners for their service.
Please join us in continuing to pray for an end to senseless violence in our community. "

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