International dignitaries celebrate the city's Tricentennial

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Mayor Mitch Landrieu welcomed Governor John Bel Edwards and international dignitaries to ring in 300 years.

"Your countries did more than just influence the history of New Orleans. The traditions your ancestors brought with them remain ingrained in the fabric of this city today," Edwards said.

Ambassadors traveled from all over, including France and Spain to wish New Orleans a Happy Birthday.

"We are so proud to part of the rich history of your city and 300 years after it's founding to still be there," Vincent Sciama, Consul General of France said.

"Congratulations New Orleans for having been wise enough to blend so many influences and produce the original and beautiful city that you are today," Enric Panes, Consul General of Spain said.

The First Lady of Haiti spoke of the cultural and historic bond between her country and the city.

"Bonds formed of shared blood and experiences. Some experiences very painful, and others full of hope," First Lady Martine Moise said.

Mayor Landrieu reflected on the tribulations of the city's past and overcoming them, from slavery to Hurricane Katrina.

"In the midst of all this destruction, something else happened. The sun came up. Nations from across the globe came together to help the people of New Orleans," Landrieu said.

He also passed the baton to Mayor-Elect Latoya Cantrell for the future. Cantrell was in attendance as an audience member at the event.

"We are positioning ourselves, you see to be leaders in the 21st century. Thousands of new jobs, a new world class airport, a revitalized riverfront, new schools new hospitals," Landrieu said.

"There is so much work left to be done and always will, but we must continue the promise that we have made to the next generation. That we will find a way or we will make one so that each of them can be even greater and reach greater heights," Landrieu said.

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