Vandals hit New Orleans East mechanic, steal tires from customers' cars

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - A New Orleans East mechanic is still in shock after vandals stole more than a dozen tires from his customers' cars as they sat waiting to be serviced.

"I look out and I saw the black car in the other car on the ground so, I knew something had happened," said mechanic Fred Lyons.

Lyons has seen vandalism at his New Orleans East shop off the I-10 Service Road, but nothing like this.

"Aw, man. I was all heartbroken," he said.

Lyons says he showed up to work Wednesday morning to find customers' cars propped up on everything from cement scraps to headrests. Some were missing all four tires.

Lyons says he's helping some loyal customers replace their tires out of pocket.

"I would hate to see their car sitting on the ground, so I went and located some tires for their car, too," explained Lyons.

The problem is, Lyons says he can't file for insurance to cover the costs until he's able to file a police report.

"I contacted them 8 o'clock yesterday morning when it happened, and I contacted them right before I went to church last night and prayed about it because it was a shock. I contacted them again this morning but I haven't seen any police yet," Lyons said.

FOX 8 contacted New Orleans police. Representatives say they're working to learn more from the district commander.

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