After Further Review: Saints bold trade for Davenport shows ‘win now’ approach

After Further Review: Saints bold trade for Davenport shows ‘win now’ approach
Source: Marcus Davenport Twitter

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - They're all in on 2018. They'll figure out 2019 when that time comes.  

That was the message the Saints conveyed Thursday when they made the bold mold move to trade up 13 spots with Green Bay to grab UTSA defensive end Marcus Davenport at 14th overall.

With a 39-year-old quarterback and a roster loaded with talent, the Saints are saying present day opportunity supersedes future concerns.

Now is the time to cash in with Davenport as one of the major pieces to help get them over the top.

Trading up is nothing new for the Saints. They've done it five times in the first round under Sean Payton.

But this deal was different. A fifth rounder this year and their first rounder next year is a lot to give up.

In fact, it isn't that far off from Kansas City's move up to take Patrick Mahomes last year. The Chiefs gave up their third round pick and this year's first rounder in that deal. And that was for their franchise quarterback.

Elite pass rushers are not quite as coveted as signal-callers but they're very close. The Saints have tried landing one for the last few years. But this year, they finally got their guy.

"There's a premium on a few different positions, one of them is that, one of them is a corner. We saw the quarterbacks and the tackles. We can't find those guys when the season is over with and we start free agency. They're generally players you have to draft."

Now the real work begins. The Saints didn't make this deal because they see Davenport as a solid part of the rotation.

They made this deal because they see him as a true difference maker. And with Cam Jordan on the opposite side, perhaps the pair can form a dynamic duo at defensive end.

Sure, it cost them next year's first round pick. But if he helps them win another Super Bowl, will it really matter?

Would the Saints rather have Alvin Kamara or a second round pick right now? 

The answer to the second question is an easy one. By trading up to draft Davenport, the Saints boldly stated that in short time the answer to the first question will be simple as well.

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