Bond set for Tulane ROTC student in rape case

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - There were new developments at Criminal Court Monday involving a fourth person accused of raping a Tulane student and her friend earlier this month.

A judge bond for 22-year-old Matthew Farrell's bond at $100,000. Farrell, a Tulane ROTC member, was booked earlier with two counts of rape.

The alleged victims told officers they were drinking heavily at a bar near campus and had consensual sex with one of the men at the student's apartment.

But the women say the man then invited his three friends to come over, and that group assaulted them.

A detective says surveillance video from the bar shows the women appeared highly intoxicated, with one of them stumbling and the other falling to the ground.

Tulane University released the following statement:

"Tulane University is doing everything it can to assist the New Orleans Police Department in this ongoing investigation. Tulane has offered the survivors of this terrible crime victim support services as they recover. Incidents like this underscore the dangers of sexual assault that are so pervasive throughout our society. Tulane is committed to ensuring the safety of our students both on and off-campus by its continued vigilance and university-wide efforts to end sexual violence."

"It is more scary and more real after looking into the eyes of this kid and talking to them every Monday, Wednesday, Friday," said Tulane student Mia Royce.

Royce, a freshman, noticed that Ferrell was absent from class, but it wasn't until later she learned of his arrest.

"We saw his mug shot, we saw the article, and we're like, how do we know this guy, how do we know this guy? We're like, oh my God, this is the kid that sits in front of us and our sociology class," she said.

For Royce, the accusations are chilling.

"We had a whole unit just about a week ago about sex and gender and had to watch this whole documentary as a class about rape culture on campuses for girls," Royce said. "And it's just very bizarre to us because he literally sat in front of us the whole lecture."

While Tulane students are still grappling with the news, they say there is some consolation knowing the victims came forward and charges were filed.

"We hear about the stuff fairly often, but rarely does someone get caught," said senior James McLendon.

"I think it's a shift in the climate and hopefully will scare other guys away and make them think twice," Royce said.

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