Thousands of visitors spent weekend at Jazz Fest

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Tens of thousands of people came into town for all the festivities this past weekend.

"Jazz Fest overall is a busy time in the city, and you know having two events this past weekend really made it a great weekend overall and we expect a great one as well this weekend," said Lauren Cason with the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Unlike some past years when the weather was wet, sunny skies brought out even more people.

"The crowds were out and it was a great atmosphere. Lots of people in hotels and restaurants and shops, and really just enjoying the city," Cason said.

Visitors came from all over to attend the festival.

"I came in from Europe, actually, but originally from Arizona. Came in on Friday afternoon for Jazz Fest weekend and have had a great three days. Perfect weather, fantastic city, really enjoyed myself," Taylor Alberstadt said.

Others flew in to perform.

"We played yesterday at the Blues tent with my band Mitch Woods & His Rocket 88s, and we had a great great show. I have an all-star New Orleans band featuring the horns from Allen Touissant and members of Fats Domino, Dr. John, and we just tore it up," Mitch Woods said.

Some make the trip every year.

"This is our sixth Jazz Fest, and I want live here but my wife won't let me live here. So we're both music fans, we go to a lot of outdoor music, especially, and this is heaven. This is everything you would want where all the stages go on at the same time. We bop around to all of them," Jerry Kovar said.

For others, Jazz Fest was the perfect opportunity to visit New Orleans for the first time.

"It was so well-organized and efficient. There was no waiting and it was great, it was wonderful," Kathy Hamilton said.

"Transportation was really good, got us out of there, got us back to our hotel fast, everything was a good time," David Hamilton said.

While most stayed for only the first weekend, some are staying the week to attend both.

"We did three days, and we're going to come back Thursday after enjoying the city in between, and do one more day of Jazz Fest before we head out," Kovar said.

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