Corps gets closer to completing new permanent pump stations

Corps gets closer to completing new permanent pump stations
London Avenue Canal. Source: FOX 8

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is moving closer to completing work on new permanent flood protection structures at three major drainage outfall canals in the city.

A Corps spokesman told FOX 8 News that while the permanent canal closures and pumps are not complete, the Corps is in the process of finalizing the work and inspections.

"My home went all the way up to the second floor, it's a two-story home," said Tara Jarrell, who lives near the London Avenue pumping station in Gentilly.

The new permanent pumps and closure facilities were constructed at the London Avenue, Orleans Avenue and 17th Street canals post-Katrina.

"To the best of my knowledge all of these things were built right. They're built with the understanding of what the water does to carbon steel and the use of stainless steel and bronze and plastics and what-not is a big step in the right direction when it comes to coastal flood protection and drainage in the coastal area," said H.J. Bosworth, a civil engineer who is with the group

Jarrell said the new permanent flood protection will give her a semblance of relief.

"In a way, it does," she said.

The pumps will move rainwater out of the canals around the gates and into Lake Pontchartrain during tropical weather events, according to the Corps.

The gates will also stop tropical storm or hurricane surge from entering the canals from the lake.

Temporary pumps were place at the three canals not long after Katrina swamped New Orleans.

"Those temporary pump stations are going to be demolished and salvage," Bosworth stated.

Even though neighborhoods will have the benefit of the new permanent pumps some residents said they will not be at ease because of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board problems.

"The city's still having their own problems with the pumping," said Jarrell.

Hurricane season begins in June.

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