Pelicans prepare for Steph Curry's return in Game 2

OAKLAND, CA (WVUE) - The Warriors' motto is "Strength in Numbers," but on any given night, they could get just about all that they need from just one player, Steph Curry. And tonight, whether it's one of his classic shooting displays raining threes from all over the court, or a night where he plays more of the facilitator role, he's one of the most dangerous players on the floor.

"Steph's going to be Steph," says head coach Alvin Gentry, who's often called Curry one of the most intelligent players he's ever coached. "It doesn't matter. He's the ultimate team guy. They're not going to try to feed him or do anything like that. They're going to play the same kind of basketball they'd play if he'd been there the whole time."

For Golden State, while they're more than happy to have their instant offense back in the rotation, it may take a bit of adjustment for him to get back in the flow of the game. The Warriors say they'll have to resist the temptation to just sit back and watch Steph.

"That's going to be a test for us just to put that away in our minds and focus on the task at hand and not depend on Steph to save the day," says Warriors guard Klay Thompson. "He's done it plenty of times, but we have a very deep team that has play-makers all around. Do this together. Don't relax just because Steph's coming back. He's going to give us a huge boost, but we cannot relax."

And the Pelicans certainly can't relax. We saw what the Warriors could do in game one without Steph, and his return only makes them better.

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