Marques Colston tackles new business venture in New Orleans

Marques Colston, the football player, excelled for the Saints for a decade. But now that his playing days are done, it's Marques Colston, the entrepreneur, that's excelling now.

"I was fortunate enough to have some really good advisers to urge me to get started while i was still playing and while i was at the height of my career," Colston explained. "It really helped make the transition seamless."

His latest venture: Main Squeeze Juice Co., a smoothie and juice bar franchise start-up with headquarters here in New Orleans. Colston and his wife, Emily, first heard of the idea through a LinkedIn message.

"These guys actually reached out just hoping to get some communication going," Colston said.  "It just so happens at the same time, Emily was telling me that we really wish we had a good smoothie and juice bar near where we lived up in New Jersey. The stars kind of aligned that way."

As an added perk, it's his first business opportunity rooted in the Crescent City, a place near and dear to the Colston's.

"To be able to have it here in New Orleans, in a place that's given us so much as a family and obviously all the support from the Who Dat nation," Colston said. "To be able to build something here that we want to grow into a national, household name and always have New Orleans roots to it it was important to us."

Colston will work with CEO Thomas Nieto with the corporate headquarters located on Nashville Avenue uptown. They have multiple stores in the works. The flagship location will open on Magazine Street later this year.

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