Landry: Cantrell investigation ongoing, more widespread

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Attorney General Jeff Landry issued a statement Thursday to "clarify any misinformation" regarding the investigation into Mayor-Elect LaToya Cantrell's city spending investigation. 

Landry's statement comes after Cantrell's team presented her with the finalized transition plan. 

Cantrell's inauguration ceremony is scheduled for Monday.

Landry said the investigation into Cantrell's spending is on-going, and that the investigation is more widespread.

According to the statement, the investigation will also focus on the city's spending practices.

"While we normally do not comment on investigations, we feel the need to do so in this matter since there has been too much misinformation being spread to the public. Our investigation in New Orleans is still ongoing and it is more widespread than just the Mayor-Elect. The Legislative Auditor is also involved to examine the City's spending practices. We look forward to his audit's conclusion and will not make a prosecutorial decision until at least such time," -Attorney General Jeff Landry

However, Beau Tidwell, incoming Communications Director for Cantrell Administration, said the statement from the AG's Office is "completely at odds" with what Landry has told Cantrell.

"Contrary to what Landry's statement insinuates, the findings of his staff completely exonerate Mayor-elect Cantrell. They found no evidence of wrongdoing, and in fact: they believed they were provided inaccurate information by politically motivated individuals in the first place," Tidwell said. "The decision by the AG today to do a complete about-face and disregard the findings of his staff is a grave disappointment."

Tidwell said the administration will not be distracted by "stunts like this."

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