We found the wildest spot at the Kentucky Derby, the infield

We found the wildest spot at the Kentucky Derby, the infield

LOUISVILLE, KY (WVUE) - The Kentucky Derby, one of the greatest spectacles in sports, and anyone can see it! $80 dollars gets you a general admission ticket in the infield. Veterans of this area at the Churchill Downs would never sit anywhere else.

"First time ever was in the infield. You just can't beat it. Even in the rain, in the sun, every day is a great day in the infield.," said Alicia Walker.

So you've dealt with the elements, and came out here no matter.

"Last year we were out here in the pouring down rain. Stayed all day, and I loved it," said Walker.

"It's a celebration. I love to party, so it's where it's at," Jeffrey Atkins.

So it would appear the infield is the place to be. But there is one pitfall, you can have too much of a good thing. Do you see anything out of the ordinary happen in the infield?

"All kinds of stuff. From people taking off their clothes to people jumping up and down, people getting on top of porta-potties, I've seen it all," said Atkins.

Why would someone climb on top of a porta-potty? "Alcohol," said a deadpanned Atkins.

Yes a few do overindulge here. Don't worry, she would be just fine. But for the most part it's a wide open space to party, watch the horses, and wear something flashy. Did you a find a woman yet with this outfit?

Plenty of pictures, plenty of hugs, pretty good day.

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