Jazz festival attendees, vendors don't let Saturday's rain damper their spirits

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - A little rain couldn't stop the music at jazz fest this year, especially for Creole Stuffed Bread's Merline Herbert. For 29 years, every Jazz Fest she greets customers in her chair.

"It's kind of a packaged deal you get the bread the peppers and Merline," she said.

For those who love her creole stuffed bread, they know how it works.

"They fuss at me if I don't have it when they come to the window where's the green sauce we have to put it out in a hurry," Herbert said.

But if she was scared a little rain might make her stuffed bread soggy, she says she's been through it before.

"They come even though it's raining the first year I was here it started raining and I though 'awe they're not going to come' I was selling bread in the rain my money was all wet," she said.

Because to her, it's not the rain or the bread that's the most important.

She said, "It's always good the people. You know it's a lot of fun."

For visitor, Angelina Johnson, it's Jazz Fest as a whole that encouraged her to make the trip.

She said, "New Orleans, just the music, everyone's in a great mood and having fun and I just want to soak in all of that."

She came prepared with water, sunblock and "a little alcohol." But above all she came ready to settle in and soak in some jazz with a special strategy. "We decided the rain's not going to happen, we decided it's not going to rain, and so far so good."

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