Entergy says it didn't pay people to attend meetings, its contractor did

Entergy says it didn't pay people to attend meetings, its contractor did
Entergy says it did not pay people to speak at public meetings. (Source: Entergy.com)

Entergy Corporation, the power provider for New Orleans and much of Southeast Louisiana, said they did not pay New Orleans City Council attendance or comments.

However, a third-party contractor and unauthorized subcontractor did make payments for people to speak and attend certain public meetings, the company said.

Entergy said their investigation examined whether anyone at Entergy made such payments, authorized such payments, or had prior knowledge those payments would be made.

The company claims no one at Entergy knew about the payments.

More than 30 public meetings and council meetings were held in association with the approval

of the New Orleans Power Station.

ENO contracted with The Hawthorn Group, a national public affairs firm, to assist with organizing local grassroots support for NOPS at two public meetings relating to NOPS on October 16 and February 21.

Entergy alleges that Hawthorn retained a subcontractor, Crowds on Demand.

They say the subcontractor did pay individuals that it recruited to appear, and sometimes speak, at those two meetings.

Hawthorn has admitted that their engagement of Crowds on Demand was done without Entergy's knowledge or approval and in violation of its contract with Entergy, according to the power company.

Crowds on Demand and The Hawthorn Group have acknowledged their roles in this matter.

Entergy has severed its relationship with the firms.

Entergy began its investigation after a lawsuit was filed on April 19 that included credible

and specific allegations that people had been paid to attend or speak at public meetings.