City Council slams S&WB, demands answers in letter

City Council slams S&WB, demands answers in letter
The New Orleans City Council issued a statement regarding the immigration policy that separates families at the border. (Source: City of New Orleans)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The New Orleans City Council slammed the Sewerage & Water Board in a scathing letter sent Thursday morning.

"To be clear, the purpose of this letter is not to re-litigate the long-standing neglect of the utility's infrastructure or to assign blame. This is a forward-looking exercise," the letter said.

Then, the letter goes into several obligations the agency has ignored for the past several years, including providing quarterly reports.

"As it currently stands, severe mistrust of the S&WB directly results from terrible customer service, lack of transparency, and poor effort to engage the public. We strongly urge several recommended improvements to mitigate some of these issues and request information on factors that have contributed to the current state of affairs," the council said.

The letter will be considered a measuring stick for future reports.

The council also took the board to task about alleged scandals, including missing copper and parking issues.

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