Payton discuses Ingram suspension and offseason

Payton discuses Ingram suspension and offseason
Sean Payton said team will deal with Mark Ingram's suspension. (FOX 8)

(WVUE) - Saints head coach Sean Payton and the offense will be without Mark Ingram for the first four games of the season. Payton said it;s tough but the team will manage. 

"It happens in our league. We receive the same notice when him and his agent are receiving the notice and you deal with it. It goes under PED’s but I know Mark well enough to know it wasn’t a performing enhancing drug. He’ll better be able to explain the other parts of it, but it happened with Willie (Snead when he was suspended) last year, so you adjust like it would be an injury.”

Ingram is also not attending offseason activities likely in hopes of seeking a new contract. Payton said he was aware of Ingram's absence ahead of time.

"Listen, we spoke a couple times before the offseason program started, and it is what it is. He’ll know what to do. Now do I think he should be here? Yes, but it’s optional and we’ll see him at the minicamp.”

Payton said there has been no change Ingram's contract status.

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