Edwards rejects bills to rewrite Louisiana insurance laws

Edwards rejects bills to rewrite Louisiana insurance laws

(WVUE, AP) - Gov. John Bel Edwards has vetoed three bills that would change Louisiana's insurance laws.

The Republican-sponsored measures are the first bills struck by the Democratic governor from this year's regular session.

The first bill , sponsored by River Ridge Rep. Kirk Talbot, would eliminate the requirement that an insurance policy cancellation notice be sent by certified mail, allowing them to be sent by first class mail with other tracking methods. Edwards says certified mail offers an important protection for policyholders.

Edwards said the other proposals, sponsored by Shreveport Rep. Alan Seabaugh, added new insurance industry regulations that he claims could drive up costs for policyholders. One of the measures would have reworked the process for reviewing administrative actions taken by the insurance commissioner.

House Bills 169, 607 and 609: www.legis.la.gov

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