Warren Riley statement

Warren Riley statement
Warren Riley (FOX 8 Photo/FILE)

New Orleans, LA, Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - Regrettably, I learned this morning in a telephone conversation with Mayor La Toya Cantrell that she has rescinded her official appointment of me (letter attached), as City of New Orleans Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety. After six-weeks of rigorous interviews and vetting, it was determined that I was the most qualified candidate for the position. I am deeply disappointed and the Mayor's reversal comes as a complete surprise.

Throughout the interview process, Mayor-Elect Cantrell indicated that she was impressed with my twenty years of local law enforcement leadership, international emergency relief work and experience managing and coordinating the federal response to Presidentially declared disasters with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security/ Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Specifically, after a thorough review, I obtained top secret clearance from the Department of Homeland Security. Appointed by two presidential administration's as the lead federal coordinating officer, I managed fourteen federally declared disasters around the country. The U.S. State Department selected me to assist with the assessment of the collapse of the criminal justice system in Haiti, following the 2010 earthquake. I was a lead adviser to the Health and Human Services and the Center for Disease Control on the Flint, Michigan water crisis. And, as a lecturer and keynote speaker, I have addressed international audiences about disaster management response and recovery.

Prior to the scheduled May 1, 2018 Cantrell Administration Cabinet Appointments News Conference Announcement, I was preparing to return to City Government, having undergone employment administration processes, including security and background checks and a drug test.

On the morning of the May 1 news conference, I was introduced to the Mayor's new leadership team as the Director of Homeland Security and Public Safety. Following that introduction, at the Mayor's direction, I conducted an introductory group session with the leadership including, the NOPD Police Chief and the Director of the Office of Secondary Employment, as well as, the Fire Chief, the Crime Commissioner, and the Chief of Emergency Management. I was given a tour of the Office of Emergency Management. Shortly thereafter, Mayor-Elect Cantrell notified me, asking if I would meet her in the Council Chamber to discuss the upcoming news conference that was scheduled to be held in 30 minutes. Upon our meeting, the Mayor informed me that she was putting a pause on my appointment.

Today's decision by Mayor Cantrell to reverse her initial decision and rescind my appointment is concerning on several levels. I am aware of the rumors and untruths being spread questioning my personal character and professional reputation.

Let me set the record straight. First and foremost, to all of those who lost loved ones during Katrina, they have always had my absolute sympathy and prayers. Related to the Danziger Bridge incident. At no time was I on the bridge. At no time did I have communications with officers during the incident. At no time did I give any orders related to actions that transpired on the bridge. At that time, I was directing rescue operations from temporary police field office located at the Harrah's Casino.

Regarding, the police department incident report, I did not read the report in its entirety but, I was briefed multiple times by the Chief of Detectives concerning the incident. The incident report was submitted to the Orleans District Attorney's Office. The District Attorney obtained indictments. Officers went to trial in Orleans Criminal District Court. The case was ultimately dismissed by the presiding Judge. Subsequently, the case was tried in federal court. As then Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, I followed all standard operating procedures related to this incident.

I love New Orleans and was humbled to be called again to serve, under the first female Mayor, in the year of our Tricentennial. It is with great regret that I will not have the opportunity to bring my commitment to community and wealth of national and international emergency management and law enforcement expertise to the great, historic and progressive City of New Orleans.