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Controversial former NOPD chief 'concerned' by Cantrell decision to rescind appointment

Warren Riley (FOX 8 Photo/FILE) Warren Riley (FOX 8 Photo/FILE)

Former NOPD chief Warren Riley said Wednesday that he's disappointed and surprised at Mayor Latoya Cantrell's decision not to hire him as homeland security director.

In a statement, Riley said, "Today's decision by Mayor Cantrell to reverse her decision and rescind my appointment is concerning on several levels." He also said he's "aware of the rumors and untruths being spread questioning my personal character and professional reputation."

(READ statement in its entirety here.)

In a statement, Cantrell called Riley "uniquely qualified" to become the director of homeland security, but said she has listened those on both sides of the issue and decided that the pain lingering from Hurricane Katrina is still too great.

"The post-traumatic stress that still informs how we all look back to that flashpoint makes it untenable to move forward with Mr. Riley as part of our new administration," the statement said.

Riley was acting police chief during the storm and figured prominently in the Danziger Bridge case.

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