Louisiana lawmakers kill bids to expand TOPS tuition program

Louisiana lawmakers kill bids to expand TOPS tuition program
(Source: FOX 8 graphic)

(WVUE, AP) - Efforts to rework Louisiana's free college tuition program have fizzled in the legislative session.

The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday rejected two bills to expand the TOPS program, killing the final TOPS-related legislation still pending.

One measure by Sen. Bodi White, a Baton Rouge Republican, would have created a new award for TOPS students who attend community college, get an associate degree and enroll in a four-year university.

The other by Sen. Wesley Bishop, a New Orleans Democrat, would have offered TOPS awards to students who weren't initially eligible when they started a four-year university but meet certain criteria after two years in college.

Both bills had Senate backing, but Appropriations members worried about the price tags and the wisdom of changing program criteria.

Senate Bills 380, 394: www.legis.la.gov

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