Brandon Williams gives Newman Football a defensive identity

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - At Newman, the offense is the Greenies identity. But that could be changing with Brandon Williams on the field. In two years Uptown, Williams already owns Newman's sack record.

"I know that Newman has historically been an offensive team. Y'all have covered a lot of awesome offensive players like Kendall Bussey, Jay Tyler," said Newman defensive end Brandon Williams. "I know that Coach (Dustin) Nothnagel one requirement is we make a name for ourselves as a defense. It's great to see more defensive players standing out."

This spring Williams is upping his game off the field, so he can dominate on it come August.

"He's put on close to 40 pounds. He finished last year at about 180. Now he weighs 223-224. In my era, next to Kendall Bussey, I've never seen a kid put on that much muscle mass. He's worked hard," said Newman Head Coach Nelson Stewart.

"Well obviously you have to be completely in to the weight room. You need to be doing extra lifts throughout the week. I would be doing five lifts a week. You don't have a food regimen that you want to eat. You really just eat everything in sight. If you have a certain meal that you like, I like McDonald's breakfast bagels," said Williams.

Williams currently holds offers from Tennessee, Tulane, Colorado, and Boston College. But he's only 15 years old, so more schools will be on the list soon enough.

"He's tireless in his craft. He constantly looks at practice film. He understands gap integrity. We have great defensive staff. We continue to grow him. I think he's a selfless player. He's going to help us on the offensive side of the ball. While we've had a lot of skill players, there has not been a defensive player like Brandon. I think the best is yet to come," said Stewart.

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