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Elayn Hunt Correctional Center nurse booked with sexual battery, malfeasance

Source: FOX 8 file photo Source: FOX 8 file photo

A nurse at The Elayn Hunt Correction Center was charged with sexual battery and malfeasance Thursday, according to the Department of Public Safety and Corrections. 

According to the report, investigators immediately acted when they received information that 44 year old Laurie Ballard of 34385 Leonard Ballard Road, Independence was allegedly having a non-professional relationship with an offender. 

When confronted by DOC investigators, Ballard admitted to having sexual contact with the offender on several occasions over the past few months, and to emailing the offender using an alias.

The Department will turn this over to the district attorney for prosecution, according to the report.

Ballard is on administrative leave pending disciplinary action. She has been employed at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center since October 13, 2007.

Ballard met or exceeded all Department requirements to be hired to work with the Department, including a criminal background check. 

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