Nicondra: More storms move in for the work week

Nicondra: More storms move in for the work week
Source: Flickr Commons

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Pleasant, mostly dry and hot conditions stuck around for most of us this weekend. While we did manage to see a few more afternoon storms develop coverage was quite sparse. We expect to see that ramping up as we move into Monday and the rest of the week.

The onshore flow will continue to strengthen and we will see a bit of a breakdown in the high controlling our weather. That will lead to more afternoon storms with the heat of the day. More storms and increased Gulf influence will help to keep temperatures a bit more manageable in the upper 80s.

Little change is expected into next Friday, but as we move into the weekend we are closely monitoring another plug of tropical moisture that may swing around the high from Florida and significantly increase rain chances next weekend.

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