Sports, tourism leaders help craft pitch that pays off

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation helped to put together the presentation to bring the Super Bowl back for an 11th time.

After a 10-minute pitch, the tension dissipated in the room at the foundation with three simple words: "We got it."

"It's a sense of relief right now," said New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation President Mark Romig. "We're so excited. This is just great news, not only for the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans, but for all the fans that know New Orleans is really the best sports destination in the United States."

It's a record-tying win that comes with an economic impact that could break records. The sports foundation says the pitch they helped craft included major financial promises to the NFL, but with an estimated impact of close to a half-billion dollars, it's easy to see the return on those investments.

"There's a lot of requirements from the NFL to pay for a lot of services, so we have to do a lot of fundraising," said sports foundation President Jay Cicero. "It's still a huge economic return, though, you have to remember that. What we're putting up is by far surpassed by what we put up financially, especially the notoriety and the publicity associated with the Super Bowl is second to none."

"We have the infracstructure in place," said Romig. "We've done this now 10 times, this is our eleventh time, we'll just build on that playbook and make 2024 the best Super Bowl ever when it comes around."

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