Global technology company opens; Gov. Edwards hopes revenue will stabilize state

Global technology company opens; Gov. Edwards hopes revenue will stabilize state
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(WVUE) - City and government leaders are optimistic about the grand opening of a global company that they believe would turn New Orleans into a tech hub.

DXC Technology is expected to bring 2,000 direct jobs and 2,200 indirect jobs to the city by 2024.

The company offers IT services that include business processes like billing systems, moving companies into the cloud, security services and government contracting.

"We have to support education, and in particular, higher education. In this room right now, we have all of the systems of higher education in the State of Louisiana represented," Edwards said.

"Together, we're committed to a mission of enabling the development of talent. Not only in New Orleans, but across the State of Louisiana. Technical opportunities for generations ahead. Not today, but in the future," said Terrell Boynton, Director of the New Orleans Digital Transformation Center.

Edwards said they will try to keep most of the jobs local, with incentives fostering the teaching of tech skills in universities within the state.

"This is the largest, economic development win in our state's history measured in permanent, direct jobs at one location and the salary average that will be paid," Edwards said.

"We know that we are starting with 300 jobs, but by 2024, that's up to 2,000 jobs, and that 2024 mark just happens to be when that Super Bowl 58 is coming," Mayor LaToya Cantrell said.

Edwards believes the company will help stabilize the state with a revenue and budget structure that will carry into the future.