Future of short-term rentals in New Orleans argued by residents, council

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The future of short-term rentals remained in the air on Thursday as the New Orleans City Council meeting stretched into the evening.

There were two motions on the table for council members to consider. The first, to further study short term rentals in the city, passed unanimously.

But council members continued the debate about amending the motion that would put a pause on issuing new licenses.

Public comment lasted three hours, with residents outspoken on both sides of the issue.

Opponents argue that a trickle effect could mean less money in the pockets of some property owners because of higher prices.

But some supporters say people who want to live here can make good money.

There was also concern brought up by several speakers about Councilmember Kristin Palmer and some kind of conflict of interest in proposing these motions.

The conflict being Palmer applied for a short-term rental application and then withdrew it.

Palmer addressed those concerns saying she knew the issue of short-term rentals would come before the new council, so that's why she withdrew her application.