Historic Harvey

Historic Harvey
A total of 12 parishes have now received federal emergency declarations. (Source: FOX 8 graphic)

HOUSTON, LA (WVUE) - Harvey was the first of three catastrophic hurricane landfalls last season.

The storm plowed into the middle Texas coast as a category four storm.

It was the first major hurricane to strike the U.S. since the 2005 season.

Forming deep in the Atlantic Harvey was a weak storm in it's trek across the Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula, but it's emergence into the hot waters of the Bay of Campeche in The Gulf of Mexico allowed the storm to rapidly intensify to the 130 mile per hour monster that roared ashore on August 25th.

First slamming into the barrier islands along the middle Texas coast and then moving inland north of Corpus Christi.

Harvey left the coast in ruins.

Unfortunately this was only the beginning of the storm's devastation.

Harvey claimed 68 lives directly in Texas, the most from a tropical storm in that state since 1919.

It's $125 billion in damage makes it the second most costly hurricane in U.S. History behind Katrina.

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