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Corps: Permanent canal pumps will replace Katrina-era flood protection by Summer

London Avenue Canal.  Source: FOX 8 London Avenue Canal. Source: FOX 8

It's been 13 years since Katrina, and work is finally wrapping up on permanent flood protection structures at three main outfall canals.  

The canal closures and pumps at the London, Orleans and 17th Street canals are replacing temporary ones built after Katrina.  

The pumping stations will move rainwater out of the canals around the gates and into Lake Pontchartrain during tropical weather events. 

The gates will also stop storm surge in Lake Pontchartrain from entering the canals and threatening communities. These permanent structures will pack more punch into the city's flood protection.  

"For the temporary pumps we just used the shear force and volume to pick the water up and send it around," said Ricky Boyett with the Army Corps of Engineers. "The new one will come out more as a giant waterfall kind of effect."

The corps plans to begin removing the temporary structures this Summer and will complete the job in about a year.

 "They are sustainable, they're more robust than the temporary pumps than we have and they'll be able to provide that 100-year level of risk reduction where we're able to prevent a storm surge associated with a one-percent storm from getting into the canals," Boyett said. 

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