RECAP: Cindy, Nate dump rain, damage Louisiana

RECAP: Cindy, Nate dump rain, damage Louisiana
Source: NOAA

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Two storms in 2017 impacted Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Tropical Storm Cindy moved inland across southwest Louisiana with late-season Nate clipping Plaquemines Parish and striking Mississippi.

Cindy came ashore June 22, dumping more than 18 inches of rain along a portion of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and spawned 18 tornadoes across the Southeast.          
Tornado damage alone cost more than $1 million.

Lake Pontchartrain flooded the lakefront in Mandeville and some low spots around Irish Bayou also took on water.
The biggest cost was the life of a ten-year-old boy in Fort Morgan, Alabama. He was hit by a large piece of debris in the crashing waves stirred by the storm.

As the historic hurricane season was coming to a close, category one Nate crossed the mouth of the Mississippi on October 8.

Moving at 29-miles-per-hour, Nate became the fastest moving storm on record in The Gulf, keeping Southeast Louisiana on the dry side as the center made it's final landfall in Biloxi.

The maximum surge was six to nine feet which beached a large boat on the shoreline and caused flooding in casinos along the gulf coast, including Margaritaville.

Nate also spawned numerous twisters as it headed northeast, including one that tore the roof of a house in Jackson County, Mississippi.

Three hundred other homes in the area were damaged by heavy winds as Nate's strong eyewall passed over.the area.

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