RECAP: Irma devastates Caribbean

RECAP: Irma devastates Caribbean

(WVUE) - Irma would be the first of two category five hurricanes to strike the Caribbean last year.

Category 5 Hurricane Irma peaked at 185 miles per hour making it the strongest on record in the tropical Atlantic. The first category five storm known to hit the Leeward Islands.

It made the first of it's seven landfalls on the island of Barbuda September 6.

"Ninety five of the properties in Barbuda were damaged," said Gaston Browne, the Barbuda Prime Minister. "The infrastructure was damaged all of the institutions and schools. It's absolutely heart wrenching."

The storm damaged 95 percent of the island's buildings leaving the country uninhabitable for the first time in 300 years.

Irma's next victims would be St. Marteen and the British virgin islands. It  side-swiped Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic with the eye passing just 50 miles north of their coast.

From there, it continued on its destructive track becoming the first category five to hit Cuba since 1932.

"I lost my boat, I lost a vehicle, he lost his boat," said Tim Whitaker Marathon, a Florida resident. "Ya know it's only sentimental things. It's not, no body got hurt."

September 10th marked the beginning of the end of Irma's path of destruction with the first major hurricane landfall in Florida since 2004.

Irma struck the keys as a Category 4 causing extensive storm surge damage.

Then slightly weakening to a Category 3 as the eye crossed Marco Island and Naples.

The storm wasn't done.

Irma dumped enough rain on South Georgia and the northeast part of the state to fuel the worst river flooding in Jacksonville's 225 year history.

The storm spawned 25 tornadoes across the Southeastern U.S.

Irma now  ranks as the 5th costliest storm with damages totaling $50 billion.

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