Maria pummels Caribbean

Maria pummels Caribbean
(Source: FOX 8 News)

(WVUE) - On the heels of Irma, instead of breathing a sigh of relief the Caribbean braced for another Category 5 storm.

Maria is responsible for $90 billion of damage, making it the third costliest storm in United States history following Katrina and Harvey.

Maria's first victim was the Island of Dominica, striking as a Category 5 with 160 mph winds

Thirty-one people died and 34 were classified as missing.

The storm regained it's strength as the center swept past St. Croix in the U.S.Virgin Islands.

The pressure plummeted to 908 mph, overtaking the record Irma set weeks before for a storm so far east.

The eye of the monster hurricane headed directly towards Puerto Rico.

Maria decimated Puerto Rico's water system and electrical grid.

Nine months later the island is still struggling to regain reliable power supplies.

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