St. Tammany keeping a close eye on Alberto

COVINGTON, LA (WVUE) - Parishes around the metro area are keeping a close eye on the Gulf as Alberto begins to stir things up. St. Tammany is no different.

We were with emergency operations director Dexter Accardo and asked what the state of readiness was.

"We look at this not as a drill, but the real deal, but it sets the pace and gets everyone on their toes, and run through our operational plan. We started this over two days ago, and pushed forward our storm in the Gulf plan, where we knew it would be a three-day weekend," Accardo said.

Asked about which areas of St. Tammany he's most concerned about, Accardo said, "It's too soon to call, but somebody is going to get a lot of rain over the next few days, and it's not going to be friendly. Stay tuned to FOX 8, listen to the crew, and stay informed. We  just want everybody to pay attention."

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