St. Tammany deputies arrest teacher for allegedly smoking marijuana with students

ST. TAMMANY PARISH, LA (WVUE) - St. Tammany deputies arrested a former William Pitcher Junior High School teacher for smoking weed with students.

29-year-old Michael Williams is accused of sending inappropriate text messages, smoking marijuana, and giving rides to students in his personal car.

A parent who did not want to be identified said she became suspicious of Williams after a formal dance several weeks ago.

"I was informed by my son that Mr. Michael Williams had gave him his number earlier at school to call him so he could know where they were going to be hanging out after the formal dance," she said.

She said Williams told her son she gave him permission to pick him up, which she denies.

"I said, 'Put him on the phone right now.' So he got on the phone, I said, 'What are you doing with my son?' He said, 'Um, I don't know. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't know, I'm so sorry.' And I said, 'Stop your vehicle right now let my child out,'" she said.

The mother said she reported Williams to the principal, superintendent and police.

"When I found out the second day that he was still at school and my child was there, I withdrew my child from Pitcher, and I told them as long as he's in that school, my son will not be attending school there," she said.

She said Williams finally resigned a few days later when police started coming to the school.

She's one of several parents who reported Williams, and she believes he targeted their kids.

"Parents that he knew that had to work after hours, and he would drop the kids off at home. That seems like that was most of the children that he was going after," she said.

She said he would offer to give rides and treat them.

"Just like a little baby. If you're buying them candy, they're going to get too attached to you, and that's how my son is coming and his friends. He's buying them tickets to the game, he's buying them food from McDonald's," she said.

She said Williams showed inappropriate pictures to her son's friends.

"She went to the school and she did acknowledge, the school, that he showed inappropriate pictures, and the little boy said pictures of stuff that he shouldn't be showing. He said pictures of stuff my mom and dad wouldn't show me. Naked, nude pictures," she said.

Williams faces eight counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. His bond was set at $3,500, and he was released Friday.

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