Plaquemines parish prepared for possible storm surge from Alberto

PLAQUEMINES PARISH, LA (WVUE) - While it's not officially hurricane season yet, many prepared for a possible landfall for sub-tropical storm Alberto prior to its track being shifted eastward, Saturday afternoon. Despite the shift, Plaquemines Parish could still see storm surge.

Before every storm there's a to-do list. For Ross Tingley he says he still has a lot to do before hurricane season is in full swing.

"In the next month or so I'm really going to have to start getting the house taken care of and make sure its hurricane proof to say in a sense… windows, tying down everything, anything that could possibly be airborne," said Tingley.

Parish leaders are asking you make sure you clean out any drains or ditches, and to make sure there is nothing blocking the path where water needs to drain.

"That will assist and aid the water in flowing back to our pump stations so it can be pumped out of our levy system," said Plaquemines Parish President Amos Cormier.

He says they actively monitored the storm.

With all the money they invested in their levy system, they preemptively placed sandbags at the lowest of the levees, the Scarsdale levee in case of heavy rain.

As for Tingley, he says he has to put his Florida vacation on hold.

Cormier says they refueled all the pump stations and they will be manned in case of a storm. At the Point-a-la-Hache Marina, he says they prepared for Alberto by taking equipment out and getting other supplies to higher ground.

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