Residents get a jump on hurricane prep supplies with discounted tax weekend

(WVUE) - There's nothing like a sub-tropical storm in the Gulf to get folks thinking about hurricane season.

"We're even jump starting June, so I think a lot of people have the idea that maybe it's a good time to get their stuff," said Home Depot employee Larry Lyndon.

Lyndon says he's not seeing customers carrying out generators and plywood quite yet, but he says things like coolers and batteries have been hot commodities.

"I think a lot of folks think if you get a little at a time, it's much better than waiting until the day before and that mad crush to get in here," said Lyndon.

It's part of the idea behind the state's annual, discounted sales tax weekend. If residents buy hurricane supplies May 26 or 27, ahead of the start of the season, there's only a three percent state sales tax, instead of the full five.

"We can wear white shoes and we can once again drink gin and tonic, so why not also go to Home Depot and get your hurricane supplies, make it an annual thing?" Lyndon laughed.

Yet, we spoke to some locals who feel confident in waiting.

"Wing it. That's how we usually do it down here," said customer Steve Nicholas. "Last minute and shoot on out."

Click here for a full list of eligible, discounted items.

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