Double homicide leaves family heartbroken; deputies still searching for suspect

LAPLACE, LA (WVUE) - Deputies work to find the gunman who killed a four-year-old girl and her father during an ambush in Laplace.

Detectives said Cameron Mack was able to give them clues about his killer before he died.

"The most important thing in this world to him was his wife and his children. His girls was his everything," Angela Walker said.

Walker, frustrated and heartbroken after learning her son and granddaughter, Cali, were shot and killed at their apartment last night.

"Cameron had groceries and he had Cali at the same time walking up the stairs. A gunman came around the corner where that green garbage can is, and opened fire on both of them," Sheriff Mike Tregre said.

Tregre said the suspect took off behind the fourplex.

"The mother of the children has another child. She had made it to the top balcony of the apartment already," Tregre said.

Tregre said his deputy rushed Cali to the Ochsner hospital in Laplace, where she later died.

He said she had just turned four on May 13.

"They loved their daddy. They loved their daddy, and their daddy loved them," Walker said.

Walker said Mack called the police after a confrontation with someone in the neighborhood Saturday.

"I had about four officers in my yard on my porch for well over an hour. My son gave them a report of what happened," Walker said.

Tregre said deputies are taking that incident into consideration, but could not confirm whether it had anything to do with this shooting.

"He did what he was supposed to do. A man threatened him and his family, he contacted law enforcement. A warrant was issued and we've been looking for that individual all weekend. But I'm here to stand and tell you that that person that did that crime over the weekend may not have been the person that actually took his life last night," Tregre said.

A former resident who had also been shot in the neighborhood back in 2014 says she's fed up with this senseless violence.

"I just couldn't imagine getting a phone call. you gotta realize you gotta mother, you got a grandmother . you have a sister, brother, cousin. you have family," Activist Wanda Marks said.

Now, his family is left with a painful loss in their lives.

"He had mad love for those kids. I ain't never saw a man love their children like my son loved his girls," Walker said.

Deputies and neighbors are especially shocked that a four-year-old was gunned down.

"In 30 years in law enforcement and six years as Sheriff, I don't recall children I've had. I guess it's a blessing that I haven't had to work a case where a child was murdered. I don't recall any really," Tregre said.

"She was a jolly, happy little girl. She was always Nana I love you. She loved, she loved. She was a good child. They're good children because they got good parents," Walker said.

Tregre said they believe there was only one suspect, and that mack was targeted.

He also believes the suspect is from the area.

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