Neighbors and businesses fed up with constantly flooded road filled with potholes and trash

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Neighbors and business owners along Old Gentilly Road are frustrated. Not only do they put up with huge potholes, their street remains flooded even on hot, sunny days.

"Everybody that come by my house ma'am, they have to buy them rubber boots," Betty Degruy said.

Degruy lives on Old Gentilly Rd., where she says it's constantly flooded because of illegal dumping blocking the ditches.

"People come out here, they pick up trash from somewhere else, bring it on to old road, and that's where they dump it," Degruy said.

"This coming October it'll be two years that we've had problems flooding. We've had ongoing problems with people dumping burning cars, dumping animals back here," Christine Hebert said.

Hebert owns a business down the road and said the city has tried to clean it, but it doesn't stay that way for long.

"The very same day, people are dumping back here. The main problem we have - the dumping is an eyesore, but the flooding back here is just phenomenal," Hebert said.

While FOX 8 was out there, multiple cars tried to dodge the multiple potholes. The deepest measured almost 17 inches.

"Right in the middle there is a huge hole where about once a week someone gets stuck and brings you all the way down to your axle," Hebert said.

The potholes aren't the only things drivers need to look out for.

"With the dumping, we end up with flats every single week because there's nails in the wood," Hebert said.

When it rains, business owners say the road floods all the way into their buildings, seeping through their moldings and wearing down floors.

Some say they even have to buy Porta-Potties because their toilets won't flush from clogged septic systems.

They say they've reached out to the city a number of times throughout the years, but nothing's been done.

"Every time I talk to somebody up at city hall or anywhere I call I puts it in my book. I got a tablet in there for 2007, 2008, all the way to 18, and we still haven't got them back here to do nothing," Degruy said.

"The city has not addressed the issue, we don't know what else to do," Herbert said.

FOX 8 reached out to both the Sewerage and Water Board and the Department of Public Works.

The city said Public Works "is exploring a future maintenance project," but gave no timeline of when.

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