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Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany enlist attorneys help to rescind ban of police chief from Swamp Fest

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A group of citizens is trying to lift a ban that is keeping the Pearl River Police Chief from going to the Honey Island Swamp Fest this weekend.

The group "Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany" retained an attorney in an attempt to persuade the Pearl River Board of Alderman to rescind it's order banning Police Chief J.J. Jennings from The Swamp Fest.

The letter claims the attempted ban of the chief is a violation of The Larsen Act.

The chief has said he does not understand why the owners of the property where The Swamp Fest will be held don't want him in.

Jennings said since the town of Pearl River subsidizes the festival and he is the duly elected chief, he has the right to be there even though the organizers have secured St. Tammany deputies to patrol the event.

At this point Jennings said he may go by and thank the deputies, but he does not intend to go into the festival unless he and his department are needed.

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