Brees ready for season 18 in the NFL

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Even as he prepares for his 18th season in the NFL, it's never the same old story for Drew Brees. Yes, he still believes in structure and planning and probably takes a similar approach to his training, but number nine also keeps a look out for any way to improve.

"Anything and everything that I do, if it doesn't make me a better quarterback or a better leader in this locker room, then it's a waste of time, right. So those are the things I have to focus on and be very efficient with my time," said Brees.

In fact, efficient is the best way to describe his most recent chapter. In 2017, Brees numbers in terms of pass attempts and yards were the lowest since 2009. While his 72 percent completion percentage was a career-high, and his 8 interceptions were the fewest since 2004. It's due in large part to their success on the ground.

"I hope we can run the ball as well as we did last year with the complement of Mark and AK (Alvin Kamara) and whoever else might be in the mix because that just adds balance to your offense. That makes it to where hey maybe a guy like me doesn't have to take as many chances as I have had to take in the past at times because there is risk-reward with that," said Brees.

Even with a lighter load on his arm last year, Brees says he followed the same off-season plan. Getting away from football and out of the weight room for a while. But now, with the ups and downs of 2017 behind him, it's about getting back to the basics.

"You're always kind of back to square one from the standpoint that so much of our game is about fundamentals and just laying the foundation each and every offseason for by which you can then build as you go along," said Brees.

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