Marshon Lattimore looks to continue proving doubters wrong

METAIRIE, LA (WVUE) - Motivation comes in many forms. But for NFL athletes, especially those that are so successful from the start, sometimes it takes a little something extra. For Saints second-year corner Marshon Lattimore, it's the chance to continue proving those who didn't believe in him wrong.

"There's still doubters out there. Just little Twitter people," said Lattimore.

While social media may fire him up a little bit, it's the teams that passed on him in the draft that really give Lattimore some extra fuel. That includes the Jets and Bears, two teams that Lattimore says he was especially proud to pull down interceptions against. But outside of that, No. 23 says he typically doesn't let anything get to him. His focus remains on self-improvement.

"Anything that comes, it comes from hard work. It's not because I'm talking about it or anything like that. I've always been like that. My father always told me to stay humble. That's how I was coming all the way up through everything. I get the awards and all of that, but I still have to go out and compete and keep being a better player, better than I was before," said Lattimore.

Not just a better player physically, either. Lattimore's game will really take off now that he's learning more about the mental aspect.

"I'm a lot more comfortable with the calls and with the personnel that's in the game. Now, I'm the one making some calls. Before, I was learning. Now, I know what to do and teaching other people what to do," said Lattimore.

The same can be said for fellow second-year players on both sides of the ball like Alvin Kamara, Marcus Williams and Ryan Ramczyk.

"We've just got to keep getting better and stay level-headed. Don't let it get to us. We're just rookies. We've got a long career ahead of us. Just keep going, keep trying to get better," said Lattimore.

Because there's still a lot more to learn, and if they can avoid that sophomore slump, the Saints could be where a lot of people expect them to be at the end of year on Super Bowl Sunday.

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