4 vets honored with highest French distinction award for their D-Day service

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Four veterans received special honors for their service during the National World War II Museum's D-Day commemoration.

"There ain't no way in the world we can forget it. We have to remember what we went through before," Army Veteran Solomon Scott said.

Hundreds gathered to remember those who fought in D-Day 74 years ago.

"Freedom is not free as everybody knows. And so we're living in a wonderful country today and we have to thank all these boys that went before us. Many gave the supreme sacrifice," Rita Baumgarten said.

Four World War II veterans in the state were awarded the French Legion of Honor Medal.

"It's a very rare distinction. It's not the distinction you have every day and I think that nobody more than these veterans are made of courage and distinction," French Consulate General Vincent Sciama said.

John Allen IV came to accept the honor for his father.

"I didn't know of the significance of it until today and he's very proud, we're proud of him as well," Allen said.

He said this is a special moment for him and his daughter, and plans on learning more about his father's experiences in the army.

"When we return to Winsboro I'm going to see if I can pull some of these stories out of him. Not only pull them out, we're going to video record as well," Allen said.

Veterans were touched by the recognition.

"It feels good that people can get together and show appreciation for what other people do for them," Army Veteran Solomon Scott said.

"I'm proud to be here to talk about it," Gerald Braud said.

Visitors had the rare opportunity to board the museum's Higgins Boat and learn about its role in the D-Day invasion, and toured the rest of the museum to remember those who fought that day.