Gentry gives an update on Cousins and Rondo impending free agency

Gentry gives an update on Cousins and Rondo impending free agency

GRETNA, LA (WVUE) - With NBA free agency opening July first, and Boogie Cousins and Rajon Rondo soon to be out of contract, questions are still coming at Pelicans Head Coach Alvin Gentry if they'll both be back in New Orleans. Since both are officially under contract until July, the Pels have exclusive rights to offer new contracts right now before free agency begins.

"Well I think everyone that has a player that's going to enter free agency has that advantage. Dell has been communicating with both of those guys. I just think you have to understand there's so many variables that enter into free agency, and so many things you don't have control over. We've already talked about the fact he's a big part of the team," said Pels Head Coach Alvin Gentry.

Boogie Cousins recently unfollowed the Pelicans on Instagram, which started a small brouhaha with national media types. Coach Gentry doesn't read anything into it because he's not social media guy.

"I'm only on those things because my daughter put me on there, because she has a social media company. But if you go in there and look, the last thing I ever posted was when Flip Saunders passed away, because he's a really good friend of mine. I don't really deal in social media at all. So I can't tell you what that means, or what it represents. You can ask my son, I'm sure he could tell you. But I have no idea really," said Gentry.

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