Ponchatoula QB T.J. Finley, LSU commit, focused on season

Ponchatoula QB T.J. Finley, LSU commit, focused on season
T.J. Finley is ready to put recruiting behind him and focus on season (Source: FOX 8)

(WVUE) - With his college decision out of the way, Ponchatoula and future LSU quarterback T.J. Finley is now solely focused on his junior season for the Green Wave.

"It's been two weeks since I committed so that fame and stuff is out of my mind," Finley said. "I'm more focused on helping my teammates get better and getting the same opportunity I had."

Events like Friday's seven-on- seven tournament on SLU's campus are perfect place to do just that.

"It helps me very good, I see different defenses, different teams," Finley said. " I see my receivers. Who wants to play, who doesn't? Who rises to the occasion?  My job as a quarterback is to rise to the occasion against everybody I play against, whether it's 5'2 guys or 6'7 guys like myself. You always want to get the best out of your teammates."

Finley is only 16 but stands out in the crowd. He is every bit of 6'6 with an effortless throwing motion. He also has plenty of arm strength to connect on every single throw. His head coach Hank Tierney sees a star but knows he isn't a finished product just yet.

"We are converting from an option team to more of a dropback passing team, and we're not protecting him real good," Tierney, who;s run the option throughout his coaching career, said. "So, he's got to learn to not so much run but move around the pocket, buy himself some time. He'll feel the rush but still be able to throw the ball just not be a sitting duck. "

Finley says his commitment to LSU is rock solid but it has not stopped other coaches from calling. But as a Louisiana kid, Finley is all LSU.

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