Hahnville's Jha'Quan Jackson moving from QB to WR is bad news for opponents

Hahnville's Jha'Quan Jackson moving from QB to WR is bad news for opponents

HAHNVILLE, LA (WVUE) - Jha'Quan Jackson's speed immediately turns heads... but so should his willingness to change positions for the team. He spent 2017 as Hahnville's starting quarterback.. and was part of a two-headed monster with Anthony Pooka Williams lining up behind him.

Still, Jackson longed to get back to playing wide receiver.. so much so that when he found out that his friend Andrew Robison was looking for a new school to call home.. he helped get him to Hahnville.

"Jha'Quan Jackson, who's obviously a very good football player for us, told me in about mid-March, late-March. He said coach we might able to pick up a quarterback because he doesn't like playing quarterback," said Hanville Head Coach Nick Saltafomaggio.

"I'm just excited. I was happy when I heard he was coming. He hit me up and said he was interested in Hahnville, and he'd come check it out," said Hahnville wide receiver Jha'Quan Jackson. "That's when I told coach Salt, 'I think we got him.'

While Jackson's happy to be back to his natural position, that doesn't mean he didn't pick up some valuable knowledge taking snaps the shotgun last year.

"Me playing quarterback helped me a lot now that I'm playing my primary position. I can see what the quarterback sees because playing quarterback, you can see the whole field. When you're at wide receiver and not playing quarterback, you're just seeing from a wide receiver standpoint, not from a quarterback vision. I can see what a wide receiver or a quarterback's looking for, and I can be in that hole, that area, that sit down at the right time at the right place," said Jackson.

Which will only prepare him that much more for SMU, where he's currently committed to play his college football, following college turned NFL receivers like 2nd round draft pick Courtland Sutton and Washington wide out Trey Quinn.

"The other day I was talking to Trey Quinn on the phone about how the lifestyle was and how he did transferring from LSU to SMU and how it was a great atmosphere in Dallas. We talked for a while. He said he thinks it would be a great fit for me," said Jackson.

But until then, rest assured, you'll be hearing Jackson's name quite a bit this fall on Friday nights. 

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