Juan's World: Bring on the World Cup

Juan's World: Bring on the World Cup
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(WVUE) - Welcome in to Juan's World and with the turn of the calendar to the month of June, my heart beat has steadily picked up the pace in anticipation of the beautiful game holding a month-long celebration. In short, it's called the World Cup.

This year it's taking place in Russia.

Starting June 14th with the hosts taking on Saudi Arabia. This promises to be one heck of a boring game. But, then again, it's what comes next, that makes this tournament worth watching for the next 30 days.

Super teams Spain, Argentina, Brazil and defending World Cup champs Germany are expected to show the world why every four years, they're the favorites to win it all.

In 2006 and 2010, I was fortunate enough to attend two World Cups. In Germany and in Brazil and in both instances, team USA did poorly. This time, the stars and stripes aren't even in the tournament. For the first time since 1990, they didn't quality. Which has left 'Merica to ponder...who to root for.

I've been left to cheer for any and every team because, for me, the Cup is a celebration of the worlds game. It's a rhythmic visual of all that's right with sport. It's an international language that crosses every border.

What I'm trying to say it. The World Cup is special. It's what little kids grow up watching from all points on the globe. And those same kids grow up wishing and hoping that they can be in that moment. On the world stage performing at the highest level for the largest audience one could ever imagine.

Outside the stadium, worlds will collide as the vast number of cultures ascend on mother Russia for the next month. Having experienced this personally, I can tell you that it's a wonderful thing.

Inside the stadium, is where the real party happens. In the stands, there are songs being sung, chants being relayed to their team...it's one big international pep rally going on before, during and after the game.

I know, I know. The USA isn't playing and that has you down. But, don't have a pity party. Enjoy the teams that are playing because these kind of games only come around every four years. And it's been a long four year wait.
So let the games begin. Let the 'World Cup' begin.

Juan's World, Juan's World....Excellent!!!!

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