Exclusive tips: How to make it on Jeopardy!

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Getting on America's Favorite Quiz Show may seem like a dream, but it could be a dream come true if you've got the right questions.

"Some people think it's impossible to the point where they don't even try the online test, which is silly. One of our better players said, 'Let the test tell you. Take the test and you'll know how you did on the test.' If you did well, and if you did do well, we'll probably reach out to you," said Jeopardy producer Maggie Speak.

Joining a handful of the 2,500 contestants who made it past that online test, I had the opportunity to take the written portion of auditions, 50 top secret questions, to see if I had what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Trebek.

Clue Crew guru Jimmy McGuire said the answer to getting on the show is not always in the questions.

"Certainly we are looking for people to be bringing the best versions of themselves. We want them to be engaging, we want them to resonate with our fans, and of course, you want to watch people that you like, you remember Austin Rogers - who didn't like Austin Rogers?" McGuire said.

Jack McGuire, a potential Jeopardy contestant has taken the online test 10 times, and this is the second time he's gotten the nod for the in-person audition.

"You take the online test every year, I took it every year, and I wasn't sure how I did each year. Sometimes I thought I did reasonably well and wasn't selected. Sometimes I knew I bombed and didn't work out," Jack McGuire said.

For his sake, and family bragging rights, McGuire hopes this time will be the charm.

"It's cool, but as you might've heard, since we were auditioning together - my sister was on the show a few years ago - and so in my family, I'm the oldest and then my brother, my sister's the youngest, so currently she is holding all of the bragging rights," McGuire said.

McGuire's hoping he'll be one of the 400 people across the country who get to join the Jeopardy family.

As for me, after taking that top-secret test, I was feeling pretty smart, but the real question is: What do the producers think?

"I thought you were fantastic, I have to honest," Speak said. "You had a really good score, you played well, you had great personality, you had fun with it, and that's what really counts, that whole combination. It's not just one thing that'll get somebody on the show. You can have a great test score and maybe not play so well, but you need a whole combination."

While I won't end up on the show because I'm ineligible as a FOX 8 employee, there's still hope for the rest of you to try out!

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