Alvin Kamara says he can be even better in 2018

Alvin Kamara says he can be even better in 2018
Alvin Kamara wants bigger and better things in 2018 (Source:

(WVUE) - His rookie year was one for the ages. But now Saints running back Alvin Kamara is on a mission to make his encore in year two is even better than year one.

"Last year I was learning on the fly," Kamara, who is noticeably more muscular but still playing at 213 pounds,  told reporters. "There was still a lot of thinking to my game last year. It may not have looked like it, but there was a lot of things I had to think about. I mean a lot of things have slowed down for me right now. Not as much thinking and i can just play.

That's music to the ears of saints fans and a scary thought for the rest of the league: the NFL's reigning offensive rookie of the year is only scratching the surface on his potential..

But one thing Kamara won't do in 2018 is surprise any opponent. Every team has ample film to study and will try to scheme a way to stop him. Kamara is aware of this and knows he must do more to counter it.

"It's finding new ways to be effective, fine tuning the little things to my game where maybe in year one everything was going fast," Kamara said. "Now it's slowed down to where really I can process it and think about what's really going on and see it for what it is. I mean it's just constant progress.

Head coach Sean Payton knows the challenge ahead of Kamara but said the special players always have a way of elevating their game.

"Part of the things that make a player unique and talented is their will to compete and their drive to compete," Payton explained. "He's been every day out here pushing and going hard. He's very smart, and that's a huge asset."

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