QB Lance LeGendre trying to end state title drought for Easton

QB Lance LeGendre trying to end state title drought for Easton

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Rivals recruiting service ranks Lance Legendre the seventh-best dual threat quarterback in the country. Watching Warren Easton games this past fall it's hard to disagree with that ranking.

"I have the best quarterback in the country in my backfield. He's the real deal. This is going to be his season. He makes it easy for you as a coach. I think we get too much credit as coaches, because he does some amazing stuff on the field. Throw the ball 70, 80 yards. He can run the ball. He's a real dual-threat quarterback. The kid can go," said Easton Head Coach Jerry Phillips.

The last time Easton won a state title was way back in 1942. With Legendre at the controls, the Eagles could finally grab a trophy they've missed out on for so long.

"Previous years, we've been coming up short every time. Redundantly, every time. We're getting tired of that. So this year we're not going through the motions. We're bringing something else out. Trying to find that missing piece. We have a shot at it this year to find that missing piece, and we're going to do it," said Eagles QB Lance LeGendre.

LeGendre is currently verbally committed to Kansas. His former head coach at Easton, Tony Hull, is on the Jayhawks staff. Florida State, Georgia, and Alabama are also vying for his one-of-a-kind services.

"Dealing with the other schools. I'm still going through the proper procedures with all the schools. To weigh all my options. I did commit the earliest out of all. Dealing with that is a rush, but I'm winding it down," said LeGendre.

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