Software creates realistic situations for officers in training

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Police officers are forced to make split-second decisions to shoot or not to shoot. An exhibit at the National Sheriff's Association convention can put them in countless scenarios in the line of fire. It's an interactive tool called Meggitt Training Systems

"These were all live weapons at one point that we take and modify. We take an air source using high-pressured air into the magazine and that's what gives the recoil," said Matthew Cunningham, director of Meggitt Training System sales.

Real guns have been reconfigured to work with the computers and large screens. Meggitt takes an officer in training from instruction to real-life situations in a virtual world.

"We can put you in multiple situations from domestic to traffic stops to active shooters," he said.

After officers-in-training go through the scenario, they can see a replay of their actions.

"We're looking for round accountability. We're looking for every round you fired, where it impacted, why you fired it and the escalation. Therefore, why did you feel you should have fired that weapon?" Cunningham said.

He said it's important for officers to anticipate what's going to happen, the different options available, and a review of what shots were fired. He says the company hopes the software will help officers make the right decision.

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