Orleans Civil Court expands, gets new elevators

Orleans Civil Court expands, gets new elevators
Orleans Parish Civil District Court has been renovated. (Source: Nola.com | The Times-Picayune)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The Orleans Civil Court has expanded and plans to add new elevators.

Both Civil and First City Court will have access to 4 more courtrooms that will provide relief from overcrowding in courtrooms on the upper floors of the courthouse, according to a news release issued by the court.

"These extra courtrooms will be most useful on those occasions when the building's old elevators break down, something that is happening more and more lately," said Chief Judge Paulette Irons. "Judges can move trials or hearings to the first floor courtrooms keeping those involved from having to climb the stairs. Many of those who use the courthouse rely on the elevators because they cannot physically use the stairs."

Civil Court Jury Pool Lounge will permanently move from the third floor to the newly renovated space on the first floor.

This will make it easier for those called to jury duty to report. Having the jury pool on the first floor right next to several courtrooms will significantly cut down on moving large numbers of potential jurors around a courthouse with severely limited elevator service, according to the release.

Additionally, the new space on the first floor will allow First City Court's Section D, which convenes every Wednesday, to permanently move into one of the new courtrooms.

Currently this section of First City Court has to find an unused Civil Court courtroom to hold hearings on that day.

Also the heavily used Civil Court Self Help Desk and Domestic Violence Coordinator will move to the first floor.

The expansion will also provide more space for juries to hold deliberations as well as private rooms for attorney-client conferences.

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