Group hopes to convince JP council to overturn short-term rental ban

Group hopes to convince JP council to overturn short-term rental ban

JEFFERSON PARISH, LA (WVUE) - Some Jefferson Parish residents want to see a parish-wide ban on short term rentals reversed.

After years of study and debate, Jefferson Parish council members voted unanimously in February to ban short term rentals.

Some rentals were already starting to appear in residential areas, but there were no regulations on the books.

Residents complained about their neighbors renting out property, and about feeling uneasy with the increase of new faces in their communities.

After two years of studies by the parish planning commission, the council decided to ban the practice in residential zoning districts instead of regulating it.

Some property owners claim the ban infringes on their rights.

Now a group is exploring their options to  convince the council to reverse the ban.

One council member said in February that they were listening to the community when they decided to ban the practice.

"So much of the parish is residential zoning and traditional neighborhoods. and really everyone, the civic groups and the leaders in the neighborhoods, really do not want this practice happen in their neighborhoods," said Cynthia Lee Sheng, JP Council member. "People want to know who lives on their street, they want to know the patterns of their neighborhoods and they really don't want strangers coming in and out."

The group against the ban will hold a public meeting Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Rose Garden on Citrus Boulevard in Elmwood.

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